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Discovering the truth about your past and your destiny can be more daunting than living in ignorance. Maybe that’s why people say ignorance is bliss…

This is something twenty-year-old Tianna Collins quickly learns after she reunites with Niobe Freeman, after being in hiding for fourteen years. Niobe holds the secrets to a past she cannot remember and offers her the keys to a brighter future. When Tianna finally lives the life she had always dreamt of, the Gods who turned her world upside down discover that she’s still alive. Tianna discovers the dreadful truth about her parent’s deaths and a prophecy which will determine the very fate of the planet. Tianna’s only hope of survival and saving our world is to fulfill the inconceivable plan Niobe has set before her. The only problem is that she has just been shot in the stomach three times, and the man holding the gun is now standing directly above and aiming at her head. Bang!

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I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Joseph Collins, a successful and wealthy businessman, is informed that his wife, Adrianna, and his daughter, Tianna, are being held hostage by High Lord Daemonium. Joseph suspects that Daemonium took his family hostage because he uncovered am unauthorized project that one of his subsidiaries was working on. Expecting the worst, Joseph edits his last will and testament as his trusted employee, Dan Fuller, drives Joseph to meet with Daemonium at his chateau.

Upon his arrival at the chateau, Joseph confronts Daemonium to discover why his wife and daughter are being held hostage. Daemonium's response is meaningless to Joseph because he claims that Joseph has done nothing to offend him. Confused, Joseph pleads for his wife's and daughter's lives; however, both are brutally killed in front of him before Daemonium turns on Joseph and kills him.

The story jumps to fourteen years after the family's deaths, and readers discover that Tianna was not killed that day; she was rescued from Daemonium's wrath, and is attending school under the assumed name, Sara Fuller. Tianna dreams of becoming a lumia, an elite female warrior, so that she can stop hiding from those that seek to harm her, and waits anxiously for her rescuer and protector, Niobe, to retrieve her from the relative safety of the Venefica Academy and return home.

Niobe has a plan that will allow Tianna to return home; however, Niobe and Tianna soon discover that the corruption and greed that motivated Daemonium to kill Joseph has turned trusted allies into enemies, and that the outcome of the fight to return Tianna to her former life will determine the fate of the realms.

My summary of The Ancient Ones: Prophecy of the Ilat does not do it justice. It is a very complex and detailed story in an exquisite alternate reality with well-developed characters. C.E. Allan combined elements from Earth mythology, extraterrestrial origin of life theory, the "fall from grace" idiom, and political intrigue to create a unique and immersive story with a heroine that can kick some serious butt.

I was really blown away by C.E. Allan's fresh and original take on themes that have been played out in the sci-fi/fantasy genre, and I would recommend it for readers that are not usually interested in sci-fi/fantasy books. While the setting and themes have a sci-fi/fantasy aspect to them, it read more like a futuristic action/adventure epic.

The Ancient Ones: Prophecy of the Ilat is definitely on my list to re-read when I have the time, because I know that I am going to find nuances that I missed during my first read-through.

Complex Sci-Fi, Fantasy Adventure That Is Refreshing And Entertaining.

- Cheri Clay

It’s been fourteen years since Tianna’s parents’ wealthy businessman Joseph Collins and his wife Adrianna, were murdered in their chateau by High Lord Daemonium. Everyone assumes that young Tianna’s life was taken too; at least that is what was reported. However Niobe, who was placed in the home as her protector rescues her, hiding her away at Venefica Academy under the assumed name of Sara Fuller till the day it will be safe to return. Here Tianna desires to become a lumia – one of the elite female warriors and dreams of the day Niobe will come and retrieve her and no longer will have to live in hiding from the dark enemies that want her dead. The day has come as promised as Niobe returns for Tianna so she can fulfill her destiny, although Tianna and Niobe soon learn the circle of enemies has enlarged as ones once thought as allies are now enemies..

I found this to be a powerfully exciting, fast-paced novel that had me captivated from page one. The characters were multi-faceted making this a truly remarkable read. Allan has created a unique sci-fi, fantasy adventure that goes deeper with a complex plot that readers will not only find compellingly refreshing but wonderfully entertaining.

Suspense, tension, and a brilliant story!

- Maria

This compelling novel makes you travel through time, space, and different and unexpected realms. There's suspense, tension, and mystery together in an enjoyable and well-executed story.
Everything starts in the past and Sara is unaware of it until the truth is revealed to her and it comes rushing to catch up to her 14 years later. There's sci-fi, adventure, action, and a bit of drama. The not-at-all simple plot will keep you engaged 
on the reading, and the interesting characters are so well-developed that you will feel you know them.
Main character Sara has lived in hiding for the last fourteen years of her life until she reunites with Niobe Freeman, but there's an evil presence that knows she's still alive and is waiting for her. But Sara has a plan, and now that she knows the truth, there's no going back.
Planets, realms, fights, sci-fi, suspense, and tension are six words that can perfectly describe the essence of this amazing story.
Absolutely highly-recommended to anyone that enjoys a good novel.

I was really blown away by this book's originality!

- Charity Rowell

The story is full of interesting things and ideas to imagine.

- Catherine Grainger

The Ancient Ones: Prophecy of the Ilat by C.E. Allan
For a debut novel, this book is definitely a remarkable accomplishment. Author C.E. Allan clearly displays his passion for fantasy and science fiction, and a distinct talent for writing both. The Ancient Ones: Prophecy of the Ilat is a tremendously complex novel, full of enchanting and creative details and descriptions, in addition to a very complicated storyline enacted by a large cast of riveting characters. The central story itself is quite interesting, as it encourages us to contemplate the ideas of other worlds, times, cultures, and peoples and how such ideas might in fact, be connected to us, or at the very least, intertwined with us, in our own here and now. The book is full of interesting things and ideas to imagine and consider, and Allan really knows how to keep his readers absorbed in the story.

I can't believe I read the whole thing!

- Kristen

There as not a moment of calm during this entire novel. I kept looking for moments where I could put The Ancient Ones down to make myself a snack, but there was never that moment. I ended up staying up half of the night because I could not put this book down, it was so good. There was so much detail sewed into this entire book that I could probably recite scenes by memory to a stranger, who knew nothing about this book, and they would be able to picture what is happening in this book. I did not even know that this book was considered a sci-fi book until I started to read the reviews. It was a captivating and beautifully composed piece of literature, with no grammatical or spelling errors. The plot was completely complex and riveting; it was so nice to read a piece of literature that challenged me a bit.

Great story by a talented writer.

- Hugh Kinnett

I didn't know what to expect from this book when I looked at the title. It quickly pulled me in. C.E. Allan is a talented writer. He has adopted his own voice. This book is well-written and easy to follow, unlike many other Sci-Fi novels I have read. Usually, I get lost when reading a novel of this kind but it didn't happen with The Ancient Ones. The story flowed and held my attention to the end. The book was hard to lay down. I wanted to know what happened next. The book kept me on the edge of my seat with all the twist. This is a book anyone can enjoy. This is the first book I have read by this author, but I look forward to reading more by him in the future. I highly recommend this book no matter what genre you prefer you will like the story that is within these pages.

Ancient Ones.

- Karma

Ancient Ones begins when a businessman named Joseph Collins learned of the hostage taking that involves his wife and daughter Tianna. He suspects the violence against his family is a result of the top secret project his company is undertaking. After a meeting with the perpetrators, all three are killed brutally. Fourteen years into the future, we discover that Tianna has survived that fateful night at the family’s chateau. Still under High Lord Daemonium’s wrath, Tianna struggles to gain back the life she was meant to live.

Any fan of the fantasy genre will surely enjoy this novel. It’s well written and the characters jump off the page. Highly recommend as this is a story that can’t be missed!

Prophecy of the IIat.

- Brian

Sara Fuller is not who she appears to be. She is, in fact, a girl named Tianna Collins with a past she yearns to return to. Thought to be murdered, along with her parents, fourteen years ago, Tianna has been whisked away to a place of safety. Still marked by High Lord Daemonium, Tianna is destined to become a Lumia and avenge the death of her parents. A reunion with Niobe Freeman unlocks her past and brings the clarity of her future.
I am a big fan of science fiction and fantasy. That said, Ancient Ones definitely did not disappoint. It’s a complex story, but that’s what intrigued me. 5 stars!

Great story with rich language and complex plot.

-Rafase282 Amazon Top 1000 Reviewer

As for the story itself, it is about Sura Fuller and her incredible life. The story starts in the past and how Sura is unaware of it until it is revealed to her and it comes rushing to catch up to her 14 years later. The book has plenty of science fiction, adventure

The book starts well in the formatting area as it has a working table of content with chapter numbers and titles, I personally dislike when it is just chapter numbers I prefer both. I also noticed that each chapter starts on its own page which is also a must in my view for books, digital or print.and action so it will surely keep you entertained one way or another, the plot is not very simple which kept me engaged on the reading besides the characters and how developed they were.

Wonderful full length sci-fi novel.

- Christie Davis

The Ancient Ones: Prophecy of the Ilat by C.E. Allan is a high action-adventure full-length novels that would be enjoyed by all lovers of sci-fi.

Sara Fuller has lived the last fourteen years of her life in hiding. Now, she is reunited with Niobe Freeman. But there is an evil out there that has just now discovered that she is still living. Sara’s only hope is to fulfill an inconceivable plan that Niobe has given her. Now that Sara knows the truth, there is no going back.

This is a wonderful sci-fi book and while it is very long, it is definitely worth reading; it will even leave you wanting more.

A new Epic! Get this book!

- J.Armstrong

This story is a wonderfully exciting and thrilling Sci-Fi meets Fantasy story. I would actually categorize it in with the Epics. You liked Game of Thrones, Prometheus or even the Hunger Games? Then you will love this story. It brings grand sweeping world building along with intricate plots and betrayals and ultimately redemption. I loved this story, and I was sad it ended. In the last bit of the book I kept checking to see how much of it was left because I wanted to know how much time I had left with the characters I had come to care for.
The story is centered around Tianna Collins, a young girl, on verge of graduation and seeking to become a
apprentice. However, destiny (in the form of her former childhood companion) has other plans. She will be led on a wild chase across many worlds in search of her true identity, the mystery of her murdered parents and the unraveling of a diabolical plot that reaches up into the very ranks of the Ancient ones themselves. Do yourself a favor and pick up this book; you will love it as much as I did!

A great entertaining read full of adventure and unexpected turns

- Mac

Great book C.E. I can't wait for your next book. I really enjoyed it and the many far out concepts and characters. I am wondering if you will continue with the Tianna Collins story or move to other ideas swimming around your mind. For those who haven't read this book it a fantasy set in a different realms, where there are lumina soldiers trained to protect their views and way of life. Part of the story is on a different planet setting up the training and characters involved. Then it switches to NY where Sarah (Tianna's real name) is a billionaire young lady being chased by assassination groups who know her real calling. A calling that she isn't even aware of...yet! The book covers over 500 pages, so you will be entering C.E.'s mind, but I promise you it is never dull or boring, it soon becomes a must finish story entrapping you into the story. Great work, I will now follow C.E. to see what is next.

I had a lot of fun reading this book, and the end had me on the proverbial edge of my seat.

- Jim Lion

I had a lot of fun reading this book. It builds well, weaves multiple story threads, and brings them all together for what amounts to a satisfying conclusion and an interesting cliffhanger. TV series executives take note, you should put this book series and this author on your radar. I did have one issue with the world that CE Allan has built for us. It can really only exist as a work of fiction (duh, of course), because it portrays a civilization across three realms of existence, parallel universes, only one of which is earth. This isn't the part I have trouble with, however. This civilization has little room for faith in anything outside of itself, such as God, for instance. As a result it presents a world both brutal and hierarchical. I think Allan could give this thing a popularity boost by injecting some of these deeper issues into the storylines of subsequent books in the series.

I can't even express how much I loved this book.

- Natasa

This scifi heavy on fantasy story was so original, if possible I'd give it more stars.

The creation of the order of Lumias, the 3 realms Ki (Earth), Eden & Agharta-all totally different with their unbelievable life form diversity, so many interesting intelligent beings, demons all different, kishpu a technique of healing, self healing, firing balls of light, seeing the world as it is on
it's subatomic level and manipulation with matter, disguise to look as other beings, teleportation, lucid deaming, astral projection and so much more is kishpu! Fighters, sparring, different orders in different races and cultures...
The ancient ones - we barely scratched the surface on this topic, but they are the reason a lot of everything exists.
There is more and more and more, this book was never boring in the creation of this world.

More importantly
Tianna, the main character was so interesting to follow her progress and development into the Illat especilly after all as the prophecy said, I really got attached ...the book ended just too soon for me :(

I have read the authors profile here on Goodreads and I love it.
The heavy words he used to
described himself are thrilling for me as I'm expanding my vocabulary and knowledge this way - they have been in the book as well but not too much.

I really hope that this is a start of a series as I saw someone said this in one of the reviews since I believe there so much more to have it will the Illat fulfill what the prophecy says, will we learn more about the ancient ones especially the Grand Lord and Lord Deamonium, what about Project M and it's horrible creations...the way it ended kind of abrupt but still with a satisfying end for Tianna who got her wish fulfilled to finally be Tianna to the world, leaves me thinking there will be more, there has to be :)
I will be happy as a pig to read the sequel if there is going to be one.

The writing style was a tiny bit strange and lacking something, not sure I knoþaw how to describe it, but I loved every word of it so I'm already regretting for even mentioning this as I want everyone to read this book and support this author to give us more awesome reads.

I totally recommend this book to anyone who wants an amazing book ride :)

I can't believe how lucky I was to decide to read this book only because I liked the title and cover when I decided to read another freebie from Amazon, one of many I have...

Please do write more Mr. author :)

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